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dinsdag 2 november 2010

Porkchops chop chop

Ok, one down and 364 to go. I'm going French today. Decided to make porkchops in a honey-peper marinade, accompanied by some mashed potatoes and braised chickory. What a lovely English version of the Dutch word: witlof.

It was stated in the recipe i should marinate the porkchop for at least 4 hours..Problem 1 arises. I do not have 4 hours before my hungry brother gets home and wants food. What a good start. Then the groceries. It took me 3 rounds of coming and going from home to get all the ingredients i needed. Planning is obviously not my strong suit. Problem 3: i couldn't get fresh rosemary anywhere near. So decided to go with dried rosemary. Day one and already settling with less. Well at least i can be flexible..

After some chaotic shopping (my god, why is it that when i decide to do some grocery shopping every que has some problem, resulting in a serious test of my patience..And an application to an anger management course) i finally got to actual cooking. Marinated the porkchops with some honey, paprika and pepper untill they have a nice shine to them. No garlic in the original recipe, but we Asians hate it when meat, well smells like meat. So that something from me is: caramelized garlic. I followed the recipe pretty tight, with some own interpretation now and then. For instance don't remember reading the porkchops should be near burned, but hey i like crunchies.. ;)

The result: It looks better then it tastes. Not like crap, but not that peachy either. The pears are a bit too sweet for my taste. Warm fruit in food is still a weird concept to me.. The porkchops a bit boring and the braised chickory, well let's just say the name is all that is wonderful. Mashed potatoes are ok, but hey what can you screw up with mashed potatoes? Mash it the wrong way?!

Good kick off. Let's see what the next recipe is going to be..

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