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maandag 1 november 2010

The challenge

I actually got this (not so original) idea from the movie Julie & Julia. A movie about the love for cooking and the love for food, combined with some lifeaction blogging about food and cooking. For those who do not know who Julia Child is: just Google her.. ;) She was this desperate housewife back in the sixties, turned into a chef and tv personality, introducing other desperate housewifes into the world of French cuisine. The challenge for Julie Powell (the leadactress in the movie) is to cook 524 recipes in 365 days, all recipes of Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French cooking. Julie Powell eventually got loaded and famous as a writer for doing this. Ok, i must admit that sounds pretty good to me too, but first and foremost this is about my love for food and cooking. And heck, maybe i'll beable to improve my cookingskills with this.

So what is the challenge here? To keep it a bit more original let's start bij saying i would like to cook 365 recipes in 365 days. All recipes i have never made before and all random in choice. If you have suggestions, please feel free to send them to me. Additional to this challenge (which it is with a full time job, active social life, lots of eating out, crampy kitchen and an actual life) i will cook every recipe with something that's from myself. A touch of me you may say. That will force me to keep it original and creative..

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